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Jack Epstein’s Got Chocolate Covered

in Conversations

Imbued with the creative personality of its owner, Chocolate Covered brims with a selection of chocolate bars so expansive you will be sure to find something you’ve never had before. ... READ MORE

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In Our Candy Drawer: Dagashi

in Sweets

This time in our candy drawer, we look at three soft candies we tried are all considered types of dagashi -- inexpensive candy that is usually sold in an attractive package but pretty much designed for children. ... READ MORE

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The Richmond

in Adventures

A largely residential neighborhood, the Richmond is one of San Francisco’s most ethnically diverse districts. This is also where you will find sweets seldom seen outside of their native lands. The best sweets seeking in the Richmond is, in our opinion, to be done in the local markets. ... READ MORE

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On Our Bookshelf: The Vintage Sweets Book

in Journal

As unpretentious as it is beautiful, Vintage Sweets is a collection of traditional candy recipes interspersed with cheerful anecdotes and tips for making cocktails and party treats dedicated to the sweet tooth tribe. ... READ MORE

Persian nougat gaz

Heavenly Persian Nougat

in Sweets

Traditional Persian nougat is one of the world’s oldest and most beautiful confections. It may also be one of the world’s most unusual delicacies ... READ MORE

Brian Kito of Fugetsu-Do making mochi

Fugetsu-Do’s Brian Kito

in Conversations

In 1903, confectioner Brian Kito’s family opened Fugetsu-Do Sweet Shop in the Little Tokyo enclave in Los Angeles, California. Just like the neighborhood, Fugetsu-Do endured the forced relocation of Japanese-Americans during World War II, the 1992 Los Angeles riots, and economic downturns. The shop’s struggles and, ultimately ... READ MORE